In order to provide a structure of the functioning of A.K.D.B.L, the following committees have been operationalised:

    • Committee Investment and Development
    • Committee Politics and Governance
    • Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs
    • Committee on Networking & Promotion
    • Committee on Nation Building Initiatives

To get involved in any of these committees, please send us an email with the relevant committee clearly stated in the subject line: akdbl.info@gmail.com

Committee on Investment & Development – Director, Mr. Sammy Sambu

The investment and development committee deals with issues relating to investment opportunities in Kenya. It will look at all available opportunities that will enable Kenyans to participate in economic development in Kenya.

They will also research opportunities at county levels. Some of the areas include investment opportunities, bank initiatives and packages, investments instruments, projects and programmes, market trends on certain sectors of interest to Kenyans.

The committee will also provide opportunities to develop bilateral engagements between Kenya and Belgium by providing avenues for members and Friends of Kenya with similar interests to meet and learn from each other.

Committee on Policy & Governance – Director, Sesi Noah

The Committee on Policy and Governance focuses keenly on policy developments in Kenya and abroad (e.g. Belgium or within the African Union, European Union and US-Kenya context) that impact Kenyan Diaspora.

Voting and increasing access to consular services are top priorities for the committee. However, it also provides a forum for Kenyans to identify and engage with the respective legislative processes. As such, the committee will ensure representation of interest as expressed by A.K.D.B.L members.

To make a vivid representation of members’ interest, this committee will not limit itself to the role of information and representation. No. A strong role is foreseen for A.K.D.B.L members with sector specific expertise e.g. trade, finance, education, agriculture, real estate, medicine, water engineering among others. Such members, by nature of their profession, might better devise policy intervention and or guide the committee about on-going policy developments. There are many experts amongst us. We need you on-board. Please get in touch and help us forge a strong diaspora policy and governance network.

Committee on Social & Cultural Affairs – Director, Mrs. Anna Martin

The Social Committee is one that will keep the lives of Kenyans quite engaging. It is charged with organizing all AKDBL Events both at social and official level.

It will also cover the following:

    • Support cultural activities and talents by Kenyans in Belgium and Luxembourg
    • Scouting for talents from Kenyans living in Belgium
    • Develop a database of Kenyan Service Providers
    • Provide guidance and advice to New Kenyans to Belgium
    • Promotion of events amongst us through social activities
    • Design a welcome package for Kenyans

Committee on Promotion & Networking – Director, Mr. Isaac Kahara

Mr. Kahara will lead this committee; additionally he is in charge of all managing the AKDBL communications by email.

This committee is charged with promoting AKDBL in various sectors. It will be the “Ambassadors” of the AKDBL so to speak. It will be involved in networking and interacting with Kenyans with the intention of connecting Kenyans to the association but also connecting Kenyans to other Kenyans.

Committee on National Building Initiatives

This is a committee that follows up on nation building initiatives both in Kenya and from Belgium. It will focus on highlighting the work of Kenyans in Belgium that is involved with nation building projects and give them the visibility they need.

For further information on the association, membership registration and involvement in the committees, please contact us via the contact information below:

Contact Details

Avenue de Tervuren 36
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Email: akdbl.info@gmail.com


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